So it was close call this week between the largest story but after much thought, we have two winners, well a winner, and a loser;



After much uproar from the Democratic Left of America, Amazon has pulled it’s plans to deliver one of it’s two new satellite offices from Queens NYC

The ramifications of this seem to be in the region of 25,000 jobs lost with an average salary of $150,000 p/y + $27 Billion in Tax over the next 20 years – this is before further economic benefit felt through supplementary companies wishing or needing to be close to new office has been taken into account

Some parts of NYC are championing Amazon’s withdraw as win for the democratic people of the state where as others are extremely upset with the decision – Gentrification aside, this seems a big loss to the area and all of the benefits that the new office would have brought not just immediately locally but also to the surrounding areas too

Two well written articles on the story are linked below – one feels this narrative will continue for some time yet also


WINNERS SECOND – If winners do come second….?

Lend Lease wins big Peabody contract for it’s ThamesMead Waterfront Development in South-East London

After being one of two with Morgan Sindall, Lend Lease has pipped it at the post and will now move forward with the Housing Association to deliver 11,500 homes as well as over 1,000,000 sq/ft of Commercial, Cultural and Amenities built over the next 30 years

Coming in at a cool £8 BILLION, Lend Lease looks set to manage over £250 Million worth of work per year, for the next 30 years. No small change

“Peabody became the major landowner in Thamesmead in 2014 and is investing in a mixture of refurbishment and redevelopment proposals across the town” – Construction Index

Contract to be finalised this summer

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