Madrid scores Contractor for Refurbishment to make Stadium most “digitally advanced” in the world

ok, whilst this may not be the biggest construction job announced this week, or perhaps even the biggest job announced on the day of this being released, if you’re a football fan, or have any passing interest in teams, business’ or organisations that are living legacies within their field, when it comes to football, Real Madrid are just that

Winning European Football’s premier completion for the first 5 years of it’s existence from 1955-1960, they established themselves a mythic/legendary appeal which continues to proceed them to this current day

Further strengthened by their recent back-to-back-to-back European League wins – which for context, no other club has managed to retain once – Real Madrid are big news

The recent announcement by the club then that FCC Construction has been picked for the refurbishment of their historic Santiago Berbabau Stadium in Madrid, is big news

The project will take be delivered from this close season through to 2023, and will be done so whilst Real Madrid continue to play there home games at the ground – no new seats will be added to the 80,000 seat stadium but once complete, fans can expect the most “digitally advanced” stadium in the world

Some features of the new build will be:

  • A 20,000 sq m square on Paseo de la Castellana avenue
  • A 5,500 sq m square on the corner of Padre Damián
  • The pedestrianisation of Rafael Salgado Street
  • A retractable roof with a “skin of steel bands and variable lines that will allow to illuminate and project images”
  • A 360° video scoreboard

As well as additional internal refurbishment and features that will increase the sizes of current facilities, turning the stadium from just a match day venue, into something that can be used 365 days of the year

Please see Global Construction Review’s article HERE and Real Madrid’s promotional video HERE

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