Are your hires as hoped?

Controlling the controllables

Finding a high calibre candidate is not an easy task.

If you are specific in what you seek from your future employee then tailored work will need to be undertaken in order to satisfy this objective.

You will first, need to plan.

What does this person look like?

How much will I need to then pay for a person who looks like this?

Can I work this all out myself?

Failing to plan, is unfortunately a plan to fail.

In order to hire the correct level of candidate you must plan in order to be able to bring in that correct level of candidate, a great hire may happen by mistake once or twice but it will not happen continuously over time. You will though waste a lot of time during that exercise. A lot of time and thus subsequently money.

To bring in the right candidates you must create a plan to bring them in.

We can help you to plan, at every stage of the process. From the framing of your company, writing of job descriptions, interview practice, through to assistance in creating an efficient offer and acceptance process.

Recruitment is no different to any other exercise that you might take part in, be it sport, education, a road trip, you name it – you will need experience in order to deliver a good performance, and you will need to be cognisant of what is required in order to deliver that performance – through having the experience a suitable plan can be created and referred back to.

If you need assistance at any stage, to help you deliver your plan, we can help you  to create that plan to help you deliver the success that you desire.

A plan allows you to have control.

Our Owner and MD has worked as a Head Hunter and Recruiter to the UK Building Industry for over 13 years and has gained a lot of experience in what works and what doesn’t. He is also a BEng (hons) Civil grad and MENSA Member.


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