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Benefits of using Britt Recruitment

Q. If two candidates have the same experience, what would make you hire one over the other?

We want to understand what you want to hire and why, and then get those people to join your company.

We want you to hire what you are looking for.

We offer a Head Hunting service that aims to operate at a 100% CV send to hire ratio.

This results in you saving Time and Money through;

  • Reviewing only suitable CV’s
  • Interviewing only suitable candidates
  • Trying to hire only suitable candidates
  • Removing large elements of frustration that can exist within the hiring process, improving the moods of those involved, inadvertently thus then improving that persons performance elsewhere. Business improving

Performance is about marginal gains and we can help you to make those gains with our high performing approach, saving the time and improving the mood of the hiring managers that interact with us, and helping to improve your business.

Expect us to work with you to deliver what you are looking for and to work out why you are looking for what you are looking for.

So when we send a CV, expect the CV to be sent alongside a;

  • A clear approach
  • A Quality send, with supporting documents to understand the logic of the send.
  • Assistance to both the candidate and hiring manager through the interview process, through to the candidate joining their new employer, yourselves
  • Continued conversation post hire

If you are looking for just anybody to join you that’s fine, we can work with you to deliver that but our aim is to deliver the exact of what you want, and to help you to find that out.

Recruitment of Permanent Staff

Any candidate submitted to one of our employers will be done so having had the opportunity thoroughly discussed with them, with us both then being happy to  submit their CV to you

Thoroughly interviewing the candidates and matching them as per what we have discussed with you, sending over only the best so long as time permits.

We will ideally look to receive instruction from you, ideally meeting and then pro-actively sourcing the desired candidate, and then managing the candidate through the interview process to hire

Recruitment of Contract Staff

Contractors / Freelancers – non PAYE members of staff.

We can work with you through IR35 – to account management through what ever means is required.

Having on going dialogue with HMRC, and being fully aware of the evolving market within this space.

All freelance employees are suitably reference checked.

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