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“Quality is not an act”

“It is Habit”

– Aristotle

We are your Recruitment Expert

We offer 2 services

  • Recruitment of Permanent Staff – Instructed or Retained
  • Recruitment of Contract / Freelance Staff

Please see the next sections for further detail on these services

We recruit both for technical expertise, and for the current team that they will be joining : as properly as anyone is able to

Our approach to filling your requirement is to first understand what you are looking to recruit, both technically and subjectively, and then to fill it for these requirements

Every role is different – every one.

Even if the technical requirement is the same as a previous vacancy you have recruited for, the team that they will be joining will be different, even if it is the same team, that team will have grown over time and so will require a different complimentary piece

You can’t take recruiting for granted otherwise it will go wrong

We understanding the Building Development and Contracting process too BUT we will need to be able to work with you to properly work out what you need – technically and subjectively.

You have to have reasons as to why you want what you want

Do get in touch with us for a chat and we’ll get you the perfect recruit


Service 1a : Recruitment of Permanent Staff : Instructed Search

Any candidate submitted to one of our employers will have been done so having had the opportunity thoroughly discussed with them, with both us and them then, being happy to then submit their CV to you

With us understanding our roles within Building Contracting, Residential Development and Building Development business’, we then manage the recruitment element of the process suitably, and as tightly as we can !

Matching the candidate for skill, and team need at that time

We will ideally, look to receive instruction from you, ideally meeting, and then pro-actively finding the desired candidate (s) , and then managing that / those candidate (s) through the interview process, and then to start date with you, and then beyond too

We will source the candidate (s) through a mix of approach

Candidates are always suitably interviewed and then sent

Service 1b : Recruitment of Permanent Staff : Retained Search

Do you have a really important hire? Do you want timescales and full planning put in place for this hire? And do you want total control of your vacancy? If so let us know

The benefit you can expect as a client by retaining us exclusively include:

  • Us working your role as OUR NUMBER 1. PRIORITY
  • Working to your timelines. With us going to EVERY LENGTH to meet your time scales
  • We work long hours normally but we will go above and beyond to meet your time scaled need which will likely be required if you have typically unrealistic timeframes that need to be met
  • We will put every resource we have at our disposal to meet your timescale, possibly finding new resource to aid us if needed
  • If desired, we can create also create a plan together with timescales, and then work to fill the role to those agreed time frames
  • More control then had by you over EXTREMELY IMPORTANT, likely time restricted requirements

Service 2 : Contract/Freelance Recruitment

We recruit for both Permanent members of staff (PAYE), and for Contract members of staff.

We recruit from Assistant Manager to Area Director for all Building contracting and Building Development Teams in both Permanent, and Contract roles.

If you as a business have denied that currently the contract person is the person that will best suit the company now, we can then find that person fro you and fill the opportunity that you have for the candidate

This could obviously be short term, medium term or even longer term depending on the current need

We suitably source and vet all contract employees, just as rigorously as we would permanent recruits. All recruits are important

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