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“Quality is not an act – it is habit”

Benefits of using Britt Recruitment

Sensible / Transparent / Honest work – work you can understand, and work you can rely on.

Logical approach to people and recruitment – non manipulation of information.

We are interested in a 100% CV send to hire ratio.

The above results in you: Saving Time and Money through;

  • Reviewing only suitable CV’s
  • Interviewing only suitable candidates
  • Trying to hire only suitable candidates

And through our Sensible / Transparent / Honest approach, you can then not expect to be let down.

Alongside our Sensible / Transparent/ Honest approach, you can also expect too a Higher quality of Report and Service – This will be achieved through

  • A clear approach
  • Quality CV sends, with supporting documents to understand the logic of the send. With supplementary information as can be given.
  • Assistance to both the candidate and hiring manager through the interview process, to the candidate joining their new employer
  • On going post join conversation to ensure the hire was as hoped

Recruitment of Permanent Staff

Any candidate submitted to one of our employers will have been done so having had the opportunity thoroughly discussed with them, with both us and them then, being happy to then submit their CV to you

Matching the candidate for skill

We will ideally look to receive instruction from you, ideally meeting and then pro-actively sourcing the desired candidate(s), and then managing the candidate(s) through the interview process to hire

Recruitment of Contract Staff

Contractors / Freelancers – non PAYE members of staff.

We can as either a candidate or employer, help you within this area.

Working with you through IR35 to management of the employee through what ever means is required.

Having on going dialogue with HMRC.

All freelance employees are suitably reference checked.

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