What makes teams successful?

OR, what makes a successful Team?

We’re going to over the coming weeks, months, possibly infinitely give examples of proven, demonstrable successful teams in both sport and business, in an attempt to hopefully show some common theme’s that run through their DNA, giving us some insight into philosophies that they have uncovered, that we can utilise to re-create our own successful teams

We at Britt recently heard some excellent content by the novelist Simon Sinek where, to extremely briefly summarise, he refuted the shared philosophy of some business leaders when attempting to make business, sport – with winners and losers he suggested, propelling finite view to business where business should be viewed infinitely…

Without digressing too much into that debate we absolutely agree with the infinite element of his philosophy toward business but along that infinite path, there will be wins and losses in instances, moments that can be looked at and so we’re going to look at what has made previously successful teams in the sense of getting the desired results, successful

Possibly with them taking an infinite view to a finite game?


First up, the most successful modern sports team EVER

The New Zealand Rugby Union Team – The All blacks, Haka deliverers

With the highest win percentage of any International modern (post 1900’s) sports team EVER, across all sports, currently standing at over 75%, they are definitely a successful team that keeps winning..


What enables them through change of personal, through new voices, through new skill sets, through new tactics…. to keep winning?


Well is it possibly anything to do with their 15 Principles?

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