“Culture eats strategy for breakfast”


Scenario 1 – 

Recruiter meets client.

Recruiter finds out what the client wants technically from their future employee, perhaps with a request as to years of experience and reasons as to why.

Recruiter takes description.

Recruiter then searches for the description given.

Recruiter finds perfect candidate on paper! Sends CV to client!

Client reviews CV and agrees! It’s the perfect candidate!

Candidate interviews gets job!

Candidate then leaves within 6 months of joining




An often overlooked and undervalued element of recruitment, especially in technical recruitment.

When it is extremely tough to find a technical fit, within a constrained time, a technical fit that meets the requirement of the project and team, to be able to fulfil a specific role, technical skill can sometimes swamp any other element of what is required for that new candidate to fit successfully into the company, and into that specific team within the company

Although this is a relatively old video link, HBR gives an interesting overview of the 8 elements of company culture that they have defined, and then gone on to look into – looking into how it can work for you, and how can it can also work against you


Do you know what you would like your company culture to be like?

Do you know what your company culture is actually like?

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Link to the HBR video here


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